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Theatre(s) of Crime encourages guest contributions from academics, activists, grassroots actors and anybody interested in issues related to performances of crime and deviance, policing, criminal justice systems, criminalisation, securitisation, and exclusion. We seek to provide critical analysis on a wide range of sociological and criminological topics in the forms of essays and articles (maximum 1 500 words), and visual projects (images, short videos, drawing, etc…).

Contributions shall be submitted to and will be reviewed by board members. When submitting, please provide a picture to illustrate your blogpost (either free of copyright or taken by yourself), as well as a short description of yourself. Although authors blog in their own capacity, we prefer contributions that reflect Theatre(s) of Crime’s viewpoints (see ‘About’). Suggestions for contributions can be submitted beforehand to Theatre(s) of Crime by using the Email address provided. Each author is responsible for moderating comments originating from his or her post.

Would you have any questions, please contact us on