Theatre(s) of Crime is a collaborative platform aiming to bring together academics, independent researchers, activists and grassroots actors coming from various countries and backgrounds. Authors generally share an interest in topics related to performance of deviance, policing, criminal justice system, securitisation, criminalisation and social exclusion. Theatre(s) of Crime aims to expand knowledge beyond the academia and to provide reflexive and multidisciplinary analysis of recent criminological, sociological, anthropological and political ‘trends and happenings’ around the world.

As the word theatre derives from the ancient Greek word θεάομαι (theáomai) – which means to observe, to see, to watch – we invite you to observe together social phenomena related with what is termed as criminal and/or deviant behaviour and practices in an endeavour to reach a deeper understanding of how those practices are lived, experienced, acquire meaning but also how they are socially constructed. As theatre renders stories and representations – real or imaginary – in front of audiences aiming to ‘educate’ the viewer on phenomena that does not necessarily have an own experience and an insider’s view, in the same way and highly inspired by Mike Presdee’s ‘Carnival of Crime’, our platform Theatre(s) of Crime aims to present a more holistic image of the phenomenal experience of crime, victimisation and punishment.